About Us

About us 

eduThreads is a technology-focused online uniform retailer. We strive to deliver exceptional products bundled with efficiency and customer service that is second to none.

Our founders are passionate and have previously built a successful technology and business consulting company. Their experience spans small business to global corporate and government, giving them a great understanding of people and industry. This experience, paired with our leadership team which combines careers in legal, psychology, retail and education give us a unique perspective on the world and the opportunities present within it. We love the challenge of integrating technology into daily life, especially if it means we can get tasks done better and more efficiently, which ultimately means more time with family and more time doing what we all adore.

When the opportunity arrived to build a modern uniform start up with a truly customer driven experience, our founders jumped to form a cracker team and set about to shake up the industry! The result is eduThreads as you see it now, but we aren't finished yet. We have some amazing ideas in the pipeline to develop our range and services.

During our first four years of operation we have built a new brand with a strong reputation for quality and execution. We plan for constant growth and innovation and have a strong desire to remain connected to our community and their needs. We do this through donating garments where we can, providing royalties and extending our Australian made range.

Technology & Innovation

Internal Systems - Being a technology based company we have strong customer-focused internal ordering and reporting systems. We are continually updating and improving to create a genuinely great shopping experience.

Fast & Free Exchanges - Goods can be exchanged online quickly, easily and without hassle. New items are sent out straight away with a label and instructions for returning the original goods.

Sales Portal - We are building a new portal that will allow schools to view and manage their account online. It will give access to amend ranges, and view sales and royalty history.

Choice of Delivery - Families can choose to have their order delivered to their choice of address for a postage fee or to their school for free. Our website manages the delivery process and keeps them up to date on deliveries or when their order will be available at school for collection.

Smart Sizing Assistant - As part of our continued growth and updates, we are excited to soon offer a smart size assistant to help carers select the correct size when ordering.

Our Products

We source goods from ethical, reliable, Australian based wholesalers. We also have a growing range of local Australian made products and our team is constantly working on expanding our Australian made range.

We ensure the use of stringent quality control methods including onsite QC staff to inspect goods and visits to overseas factories where the goods are made. Most goods we source or make are printed locally in Melbourne. On top of this, we run our own QC of goods before supplying to schools where we inspect the wearability and longevity of the goods and prints.

We work closely with our suppliers to provide uniforms to many schools and kindergartens across Australia. We find being realistic and upfront about lead times and delivery times keeps
everyone satisfied they are getting the best for their school community.



Sustainable Workplace

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and are always working to improve sustainability within our workplace.

So what are we doing?

  • Use of re-useable and compostable packaging
  • Continually minimising our paper and plastic usage
  • Re-using as much packaging and plastics as we can
  • Ensuring appropriate recylcing of non-reusable items
  • Constant research into how we can be more sustainable and what steps we need to take next, including research into innovative textiles and dying methods
  • Working with partners who share our sustainability values
  • Actively encourage our employees to use sustainable practices outside of the workplace

Ethical Sourcing

We are conscious of the impact our industry has on the environment and how our decisions can affect the lives of those who work so hard to support clothing manufacturing.

We only work with manufacturers and companies whose vision and ethics aligns with ours. As a retailer, it is our responsibility to ensure the goods we sell have been made ethically.

What does this mean:

  • Source locally where we can
  • Safe working conditions for all workers
  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • Fair wages paid to all workers, being no less than the minimum amount set for the jurisdiction
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations of the jurisdiction
  • Compliance with local environmental laws